Proven Search Process

At Sanford Rose Associates® – Boston South Shore we are in the advantageous position of having 20+ years of experience coupled with our proprietary Dimensional Search Process. We are an entrepreneurial, boutique search firm focused on filling specialized mid-level through upper-level and senior management executive positions exclusively for biotechnology companies.

Our parent company, founded in 1959, provides us a global network of colleagues from Asia to North America; and together we are recognized as a global leader in the successful recruitment of high quality, top-performing talent. Our process and commitment to clients and potential customers is to adhere to the highest ethical standards and an extremely demanding code of integrity, objectivity and confidentiality.

Client Engagement:
Defining the qualifications and requirements is the most essential phase of the search engagement. It is critical that we understand your company’s culture so that we ensure that our candidates represent the right “cultural fit.” Furthermore, we want to establish a comprehensive understanding to conduct the search efficiently and effectively. It is important that the search firm be perceived by candidates as being well informed and professional since this indirectly reflects on the company as well.

Position Profiling:
Based on the Client’s needs and requirements a comprehensive Position Profile is created to achieve key objectives: accurately reflecting the client’s requirements’ ensuring that the candidate compares his/her background and experience to the responsibilities and requirements described by the client; and providing compelling information to prospective candidates regarding the uniqueness of the position as well as the company’s “sizzle”.

Candidate Identification & Networking:
We will conduct a planning meeting based on your specific search. It is important that we understand the position requirements and company culture, to develop an effective, custom recruitment strategy. The mechanics for identifying candidates, as well as databases or information sources to be utilized are critical elements of this plan.

We utilize our own proprietary database, as well as the Internet and other state of the art tools and technologies, during this initial phase. However, most often the best candidates come from the extensive network of contacts we have established within the biotechnology segment. Referrals from colleagues within Our Network (hyperlink) are frequently the best source of qualified candidates. These are Top-performers who are highly regarded and gainfully employed and are not actively searching externally for another opportunity. Depending on the specific role, we may contact literally hundreds of candidates before identifying a suitable quantity of applicants for pre-qualification.

Candidate Qualification & Evaluation:
Prior to presenting candidates to clients, we will do their best to determine not only if the candidate is a good match for the opportunity, but also the candidate’s motivation for making a change to ensure they are genuinely interested in your specific role. After we present the candidate for your consideration, we believe in “sweating the details” with regard to the candidate trip, logistics and other related details before, during and after client-candidate interviews. We are trained to sense any “red flags” that might occur during the candidate recruitment process and, not only to inform you of any such issues, but to work toward resolving them expeditiously.

Dimensional Search Assessment:
Using our Sanford Rose Associates® (SRA) Dimensional Search® process, we will methodically: Match our candidate’s educational, professional and technical skills to your specific job requirements; Confirm that our candidate’s past experience/success will effectively contribute to achieving your current/future goals; Verify that our candidate’s personal style will complement the corporate culture and mesh well with the hiring manager’s team and his/her personality; and evaluate our candidate’s long-term potential to take on additional responsibilities beyond your current demands and future expectations.

Presenting Candidates:
At this stage, we have identified candidates that closely match your requirements and expectations. To ensure that we present Candidate Profiles who are an excellent fit for your overall opportunity, the level of detail that you receive will exceed the vast majority of search firms. Our “write-ups” invariably involve detailed compensation, compensation expectations, personal information that may impact the timing of a potential relocation or job change, as well as other opportunities and interview details regarding competitive opportunities that our candidates may be considering simultaneously.

Final Reference Check:
We will establish along with you the defined process with respect to the details and timing required for reference and background checks. We are generally able to assist you in ensuring that the process of checking references is thoroughly completed prior to the candidate starting their new position with your company.

Presenting Offer:
After many weeks of hard work, it is imperative that the Client and search firm work together to ensure that a pending offer of employment is presented effectively as well as having proper contingency plans and clearly defining the next steps.

Resignation Consultation:
Resignation can be a very stressful and harrowing personal experience for candidates. It is important that an executive coach work with the candidate during this delicate period, especially since current employer counter-offers are commonplace in this “candidate driven” environment.

Post-placement Follow-Up:
Prior to the candidate’s start date, during the early phase of employment, and for months after the candidate’s date of hire, it is prudent to follow-up with both our Client contact Client and the placed candidate to ensure that things are progressing satisfactorily. It is important that an effective on-boarding program be established with the client and that if any “issues” surface, that they be dealt with swiftly.