Why you should work with Sanford Rose Associates® – Boston South Shore.

Boutique, Entrepreneurial Style


At Sanford Rose Associates, we are personable, responsive, genuinely “hands-on” and unhindered by bureaucracy. We provide exceptional, personalized service to our clients and candidates which is both professional and through direct, personal contact. Our culture is remarkably entrepreneurial, specialized and focused only in your niche market, while highly sensitive to local and global biotech markets to listen and react expeditiously to our clients’ needs.




At Sanford Rose Associates- Boston South Shore, we are reliable and trust-worthy and we value integrity and honesty, with no exceptions. As a member of the Sanford Rose Associates Network of Offices, we are a trusted member of a network of search professionals which is regularly called upon to provide Subject Matter expertise to our industry. Our reputation as experts has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg, CNN and other local and niche publications. As an affiliate of Sanford Rose Associates, Next Level Exchange is recognized as the #1 Leading Training Organization for the executive search industry, having trained over one thousand recruiting firm organizations in over thirty countries around the world. We are not only living the best practices of the search profession, we are teaching and sharing them to the entirety of the executive search industry.




At SRA-Boston South Shore, we have 20+ years of biotechnology search experience, allowing for a precise understanding of what clients need. Our level of biotechnology specialization allows us to be true consultants, offering our clients insights not available from any other source. Due to this finely specialized experience, we have long-standing relationships with candidates, enabling us to quickly identify the right prospects, coupled with a deep understanding of cultural nuances, critical skill sets, competitive dynamics, and detailed compensation and human resources intelligence.


Global Reach
With 70+ offices worldwide, our colleagues in the Sanford Rose Network average 20+ years of experience, leveraging our relationship with contacts that reach to all corners of the world, offering a unique combination of local knowledge and experience combined with international reach. Our affiliation with the International Retained Search Federation (IESF) aligns us with offices in over 40 countries, while maintaining a single point of contact for you, the client. Our world is truly “flat” and we are in a global “hunt for talent, delivering results through our proven, unified process.



Proven Search Process
Our defined Dimensional Search Process creates a unique profile that matches a candidate’s personal skill level to position requirements, past experience to future expectations and management style to corporate culture, ultimately “finding people who make a difference”.
Proven Success
Our parent company, Sanford Rose Associates has been continuously successful since 1959, demonstrating a proven track record of consistent results and the ability to generate repeat business. As it stands today, Sanford Rose Associates and our parent company together are ranked as the 10th largest U.S. Search firm by Executive Search Review; demonstrating our ability to deliver the highest caliber of talent that our clients both demand and deserve. Over the past fifty years, Sanford Rose Associates has maintained an exclusive network that remains unparalleled in terms of professionalism, performance and service that exceeds our client’s expectations.


Our Mission is to increase the performance of our clients by delivering the most highly qualified and strategically aligned human capital capable of setting direction, executing the strategy and attaining the results you require. By assisting our clients in efficiently finding, screening and securing the Top Performing talent that exists, and retaining them long term, we have routinely enhanced our client’s retention, while surpassing the competition. Our parent company has been named the Best Company to Work for on four separate occasions, while providing consulting services for clients desirous of creating a culture of retention and performance. Who better to help organizations secure and retain the best and brightest Top Performers than an organization that receives awards for doing this themselves?