Stephen Provost, Managing Partner of Prestige Scientific – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Hunt Scanlon, Search Firms Continue to Provide New Services for Clients

By: Rosemary Scott

Plano, TX 6/13/2023

As the competition intensifies in the ongoing war for top executive talent, search firms are increasingly experiencing heightened pressure to provide an array of comprehensive services that go beyond pure retained search. The evolving landscape demands a strategic response, leading numerous firms to diversify, expanding their repertoire to encompass an assortment of supplementary offerings such as interim solutions, professional development and coaching programs, rigorous assessment methodologies, and other cutting-edge tools, all in conjunction with their search services.

In this era of dynamic market conditions and rapidly changing business landscapes, the demand for top-tier executive talent has reached unprecedented levels. Organizations are vying for visionary leaders who possess the acumen to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and steer their companies toward sustainable growth. Today, search firms find themselves at the epicenter of this talent battle, acting as intermediaries between businesses and highly sought-after executive candidates.

“Prestige Scientific survived the 2009-10 market crash that affected venture backed life science companies and tightened their access to new funding,” said Stephen Provost, co-founder and managing director of Prestige Scientific. “As a result, many venture back clients extended their capital runways by hiring interim functional heads. As this market tightens, we will continue to increase our interim search business to hedge our traditional executive search services.”

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