Managing Partner of The Birmingham Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Jacob Binke, Featured in Upwork, How To Show Appreciation to Employees: 10 Simple Ways With Big Impact

By: Brenda Do

Plano, TX 6/15/2023

Everyone wants to feel their work matters and that the company they work for values them. That’s why when you sincerely show employees that you appreciate the work they do and that you care about them as people, they’re inspired to do their best and help others succeed.

How much impact can showing employees appreciation make?

Jacob Binke, managing partner at The Birmingham Group believes everyone likes to feel appreciated and know that others are thankful for their contributions. Showing gratitude “doesn’t have to be a big show with cake and decorations (although it never hurts). It can be as simple as telling them when you’re walking out of the meeting or stopping at their desk after and letting them know that they’re doing a good job.”

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