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Clean Energy & Power-Com Search Practice
Sanford Rose Associates® – Tampa is an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of Management and Technology Leadership for Clean Energy, Power & DataCom Technology companies.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a competitive talent advantage by… “Finding people who make a difference®”.

Technology Focus

Clean Energy Power Technology Data Communications
Energy Efficiency Power Electronics Broadband Equipment
Solar & Wind Power Smart Grid Network Infrastructure
Energy Storage Thermal Management Wireless
Fuel Cells Power Quality Intelligent Meters

Functional Specialties

Sales & Marketing Leadership
Our dedicated Marketing & Sales Practice provides extensive experience successfully recruiting top level leaders from across multiple, often inter-connected industries. Companies expect more from their Sales & Marketing Executives than industry knowledge and tactical management skills; they also require well-rounded general management abilities to ensure top-line growth is both sustained and profitable. Such leaders must often possess the means to “transform” their organization and determine the company’s “go-to-market” approach.

Engineering Leadership
R&D Executives not only need to possess technical expertise, but also require leadership acumen to guide organizations through extremely challenging times. We work with our clients to build highperformance R&D teams whose focus on innovation and game-changing technology will enable them to gain greater market share and contribute directly to the success of their organizations.

Operations Leadership
Our distinctive competence in manufacturing is understanding and filling positions in all functional disciplines that contribute to the “LEAN ENTERPRISE”. We help our clients with Strategic Transformations, Topgrading and Lean/Six Sigma initiatives. We understand the business issues of senior management from strategy to execution. We are sensitive to cultural “fit”. We know Manufacturing because we have been there.

Sanford Rose Associates – Global Network
Founded in 1959, the Sanford Rose Associates global network includes over 65 offices worldwide. The SRA Global Network offers additional resources providing leverage to deliver global reach and to quickly add competencies complementing the scope of the Clean Energy & Power- Com team.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the Executive Search business, the SRA – Clean Energy & Power-Com search practice has filled over 1,000 positions from front-line professionals to C-suite executives.

Let us work for you… finding people who make a difference®.

Our Management

Jim Roach, CPC

Jim Roach has over 20 years of executive level experience, serving as the operating owner of Sanford Rose Associates® – Tampa since 2001 and previously as a corporate officer of a publicly traded company and hi-tech provider of power & energy management solutions, communication equipment, electrical and power electronics products. Jim has extensive knowledge of the skills and critical traits required of key operating personnel from his hands on management experience in product development, operations, sales and marketing.

As the Vice President of Marketing & Sales for over ten years at TII Industries (now TII Network Technologies), Jim recruited and hired a high performing sales, product management and marketing team. Sales increased from under $21M to $50M+ and market share increased from 30 to 70% during his tenure. However, his most satisfying accomplishment was the selection of so many outstanding individuals who achieved these results and are now senior executives and industry leaders with leading equipment and service providers.

Jim also gained a broad understanding of the global market and built an extensive personal network of the top performers at service providers, manufacturers and suppliers in the Power, Electronics & Communications industries.

The Certified Personnel Consultant, or CPC title Jim holds means he has earned credentialing through the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). NAPS began awarding the CPC credential in 1961 and requires a rigorous program both to earn the CPC title as well as to hold it on-going. A consultant who holds the CPC credential indicates a commitment to his industry, the laws of recruiting and a level of professionalism.

Client Services

Searching for top-notch talent is difficult and time-consuming. Our business is executive search consulting, and we have the resources and trained personnel to locate qualified people presenting your opportunity to them in the most professional manner. Because we conduct an intensive, carefully targeted recruiting effort, we are able to produce quality candidates on a timely basis. Our industry experience and contacts enable us to gain access to top talent and to maintain confidentiality until mutual interest is established. Our efforts allow you and your executives to concentrate on the day-to-day operation of your business, while we concentrate on the time-consuming task of finding candidates.

Global Reach
Sanford Rose Associates is recognized as a leading search consulting firm for executive, managerial and professional talent. Having served the search needs of business and industry since 1959, SRA is one of the world’s oldest and largest executive search firms. With offices from Asia to North America, we have a global capability to handle assignments in a wide range of occupational disciplines at all management levels. Our purpose is to provide the best possible talent for your recruiting needs. We are committed to providing executive search services of the highest quality. In the course of our searches, we adhere to high ethical standards and an extremely demanding code of integrity, objectivity and confidentiality.

Our Process
Sanford Rose Associates employs a detailed, thorough process to manage each of our searches. We follow 32 steps from the time we receive a search until the candidate has been employed for some time. Our proprietary Dimensional Search® process helps us match candidates on technical fit, chemistry, culture, expectations, and perform an experiential translation to really get at how successful a candidate will be with your organization.

Relocation Services
When needed, we can provide relocation assistance through our business partnership with a worldwide relocation service assisting with the sale of a new employee’s existing home, providing cost-of-living comparisons and helping him or her find a home in the new location. We maintain a similar partnership with a leading mover of household goods.

Candidate Services

Who We Are
Sanford Rose Associates is an executive and professional search firm that has served the recruiting needs of business and industry since 1959.

What We Do
SRA works on behalf of client companies to search for and recruit highly qualified professionals. All fees related to the search are client-paid. In every search we establish a solid working relationship with the client company. This includes developing a thorough understanding of the position specification, organizational structure and company culture, as well as the client’s expectations for the prospective employee. We then search for the best candidates, using our extensive network of referral sources and our central database of already identified candidates.

Our job at this point is to determine whether a person’s qualifications, interests and objectives are consistent with the opportunity. Only if we determine that there is candidate interest and appropriate qualifications, will we discuss the candidate’s credentials with the client and arrange for an interview. Once a mutual interest is established between the client and candidate, we become facilitators. Your SRA Consultant will brief you thoroughly on the client company and the interview process. Your Consultant will assist in negotiating all aspects of any employment offer and will help identify any problems that may arise, working with you to resolve them.

Counsel on cost of living and relocation issues also can be provided. SRA is not an employment agency, outplacement firm or advisor on career strategies. We counsel only on the opportunities associated with our active search assignments. B

Your Career
Most of the people we approach are not actively in the job market. Frequently, they are qualified professionals in satisfactory situations interested only in having exceptional career opportunities brought to their attention for serious consideration. If you are going to leverage your career to its maximum, you will probably make several timely job changes over the course of your working life. In order to do that most effectively, you need to give careful thought to your professional goals and what you must do in order to achieve them. You and your family, if appropriate, need to define your values with respect to your work and desired quality of life. If we are aware of your qualifications, goals and values, we can approach you with those opportunities that are consistent with your objectives.

In this era of corporate restructuring and downsizing, anyone can lose a good job with little notice. Therefore, it’s a good idea to establish an early relationship with SRA. If you should unexpectedly lose your job, we’ll be ahead of the game by already knowing the kinds of opportunities that will be attractive to you.

How to Work with Us
Career development is a serious process. If you use an opportunity that an SRA Search Consultant has presented to you simply to “shop” or to try to establish your market value, you are doing yourself a disservice and are wasting everyone’s time. There are less risky and more cost-efficient ways to establish your worth. In exploring a career opportunity with your SRA Search Consultant, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Be honest with us; share not only your values and career aspirations, but also any obstacles to consideration of an opportunity.
  • Give us a complete description of your work experience.
  • Send requested material promptly.
  • If you have concerns, tell us in a timely manner so we can deal with them promptly.
  • Listen and respond to our counseling because we know the client and their needs.
  • Provide us with solid professional references that are familiar with your work.
  • Fulfill your commitments – A call to us right after an interview is an important part of the offer development process.

You may be assured that we will be sensitive to your personal needs for confidentiality as we address your questions and concerns. Our ongoing relationships with our clients often give us continued contact with candidates we place; therefore, we want to make only good matches. Encouraging an inappropriate career move would be contrary to our philosophy and counter-productive to maintaining good client relationships. We will ask for your time only when a genuine opportunity exists.

Since 1959, Sanford Rose Associates has placed thousands of men and women in new, career-enhancing positions. We are experts in our field and understand how to match opportunity with the individual. Your cooperation is vital to that process.

Employment Topics

Sanford Rose Associates® – Tampa is committed to helping professionals both find talent, find positions, and provide information throughout the workplace.

View our publications, SRA Update and Candidate Chronicles here.


“Jim has recruited for me at two different companies. In all cases he is prompt, thorough, and displays an outstanding knowledge of the industry. He is very well connected and able to generate outstanding candidates quickly and coach both candidates and the company to a satisfactory conclusion. I highly recommend Jim as a recruiter in the electrical industry.”
— President, Power Systems Manufacturer

“I have worked with Jim for several years on many different searches and have found him to be honest, ethical and very efficient. We have hired 3 key people in multiple divisions and disciplines and had several other searches cxl’d after he presented some great candidiates. I would highly recommend Jim and any difficult technical searches.”
— Corporate Recruiting Executive, Power & Communication Infrastructure Equipment Provider

“Jim, I want to thank you for the work you did regarding the recruitment of Mike, our VP and CFO. Your attention to detail throughout the process, and your painstaking efforts to truly understand our needs paid great dividends. We could not have asked for a better result. We will not hesitate to contact you regarding our future recruitment needs. Thanks again.”
— CEO, National Wholesale Distributor

“I have been working with Jim Roach of Sanford Rose Associates for many years, and can always depend on him to complete the difficult searches in the most professional manner. Jim is extremely thorough in researching candidates and determining fit with our culture. It is always a pleasure working on a placement with Jim, because he truly is a partner…”
— Vice President–Human Resources, Power Equipment Manufacturer

“We have used Jim for several high level technical searches with great results in each case. Jim previous business experience coupled with his unique ability to carefully listen and understand the needs of our particular business makes him one of the best professional/technical recruiter we have ever used. Hire Jim and you have hired an astute business partner.”
— Sr. VP-Human Resources, Global Electronics Manufacturer

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