Scott Rivers, President of Cerca Talent – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Authored “Opinion: Manage a Team? Here’s How to Keep Your Top Performers” Featured in BioSpace

 Plano, TX 6/26/2023

Scott Rivers is President and Managing Partner of Cerca Talent, an executive search firm located in Oradell, NJ. Cerca Talent is a full-service Talent Firm with strategic focus in the areas of Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Biotechnology. In these areas, they set their business apart by knowing the top candidates in the market and by only working with the best companies. The following is an article published in BioSpace:

Offering competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, and treating people with respect are not the secret to keeping talented employees; they’re table stakes. Employers should consider these the bare minimum, non-negotiables, a foundation upon which to build.

How to Keep Top Talent

As president and managing partner of the executive search and talent branding firm Cerca Talent, I have seen for myself how a robust employee retention strategy is about more than good pay and a career progression plan for employees. Once you have the basics covered, try incorporating some of these often-overlooked strategies to elevate your employer brand, attract top performers and retain your talent.

Start with Great People

You have to have great people to keep them. The most effective retention strategy begins with proactive, ongoing and intentional recruitment. Managers of the highest-performing teams know it’s essential to keep an eye on the talent market, even when they aren’t actively hiring.

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