Rich Carter

Richard “Rich” J. Carter, Ph.D.


The Carter Group, 

A Member of the Sanford Rose Associates® Network of Offices

Rich Carter, President of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Carter Group, brings over 30 years of industry experience and success, both in business leadership and also in executive search. Rich capitalized on his diverse industry experience across industries, functional areas, different company sizes and cultures, to transition successfully into executive search. Rich brings an intimate knowledge of the life sciences industry and a full appreciation of the added value that results from finding the “perfect fit” for a key position. Also, he knows first-hand the pivotal difference that a key hire can make to an organization. In executive search, Rich quickly became a top biller and “rainmaker”, as well as a builder of a large search firm in San Francisco. In addition, he became the CEO and prime stakeholder in Sanford Rose Associates® network of 60+ offices.

After obtaining his Doctorate in Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Rich joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and worked in major health assessment programs. He later moved to the private sector, serving in various cross-functional management positions for DuPont Medical Products in Wilmington, DE, and Baxter Healthcare in California, before joining Chiron Corporation, heading up its diagnostics’ business unit, which included business ventures with Johnson & Johnson and other global entities in the Asia. Prior to transitioning to the executive search industry, Rich held senior management positions with Boehringer Mannheim (Roche), Mast Immunosytems (Hitachi Chemical), and a medical foundation/contract research organization — all in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Rich’s experience working within large and small companies, as well as working with executive search firms to find critical talent underscored the need for finding exceptional talent, as well as having knowledgeable and experienced executive search firms. Therefore, in 1999 Rich partnered with Sanford Rose Associates to open its San Francisco office. Due to Rich’s network and know how in life sciences (biotech, pharma and medical devices and diagnostics), the firm was focused in serving client companies in this sector and, within 2 years from start-up, he led the firm to be the top revenue generating office, as well as Rich becoming the biggest individual biller within the 60+ international network of locally owned offices. SRA – San Francisco continued to be one of the top 3 performing firms within SRA until the business was merged in 2013 with SRA – San Diego (now The Toft Group). In 2005 Rich acquired the rights to the corporate entity based in Ohio, Sanford Rose Associates, Inc (“SRAI”), and became CEO of the SRA network. In 2008 SRAI moved its corporate headquarters to the metro Atlanta, GA, area and in 2012, Kaye Bassman, Inc. (Dallas, TX) acquired SRAI to form now one of the top 10 largest executive search firms in the US. While head of SRAI from 2005-2012, Rich restructured its training program and personally recruited and trained over 30 new SRA franchise owners, as well as their employees, both domestically and internationally.

Over the years, he has been a member of numerous professional societies and organizations, as well as has held board appointments. Rich currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area.


David L. Felker, Ph.D.

Sr. Executive Search Advisor

The Carter Group, 

A Member of the Sanford Rose Associates® Network of Offices

David Felker, Sr. Executive Search Advisor for The Carter Group, has 25+ years of highly successful industry experience in Engineering, Research & Development, Technology and Business Leadership roles. David started his career with the Dupont Company as a research scientist, then progressed over 13 yrs to hold several Technology Management positions at DuPont research and manufacturing locations in Delaware, West Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

In 2001 David founded the award winning retained search firm – Sanford Rose Associates® – Del Mar, that for almost 10 years made executive level placements in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical industries. He grew to be one of the top search leaders in Sanford Rose Associates®.

David was recruited out of DuPont Company to be one of the founding executives and first Vice President of Research and Development for Callaway Golf Ball Company. He later co-founded Aero-X Golf, Inc dba Polara Golf, where he was the primary inventor of the company’s revolutionary patented anti-slice golf ball technology, and as the company grew held various roles including Chairman of the Board, Corporate Secretary, CEO, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He currently advises start-up companies and is on the Board of Directors oe Neocaddie, Inc.

David’s broad business and entrepreneurial experiences enables him to identify very closely with the challenges faced by directors through C-level executives.  He also completely understands that the most important things for an early stage company to do is to hire the best people they can attract and this strong belief drives his actions on every executive search assignment he performs.

David holds a PhD and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with organic synthesis emphasis from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and as an inventor has 45 patents. David resides in the San Diego, CA and Boston, MA area.