• Executive Search Execution

The Carter Group

The Carter Group (“TCG”) – A Member of the Sanford Rose Associates ® Network of Offices partners with its Clients to find exceptional, mid to senior level talent in the Life Sciences industry. Our Principals each bring over 30 years of combined industry experience and success, both in business leadership and in executive search. Our clients represent corporate entities in the Pharmaceutical, BioTherapeutics, Biotechnology, Medical Devices/Diagnostics sectors. TCG’s broad experience across industries, functional areas, different company sizes and cultures, has been pivotal in its successful transition to executive search and its partnering with client companies to find truly exceptional talent.

By choice, at The Carter Group we limit the number of Clients we partner with and the number of searches we perform at any given time so that we provide a superior level of service and results to Clients. Our Principals commit to not delegate the critical steps and processes during a search, such as candidate engagement, and also to ensure that 95+% of the relevant candidates for each and every client’s niche segment is available as a sourcing candidate pool. We find that most of competitors delegate many of the steps (except for those activities at the front and back-end) and most firms, especially the larger “Big Five” and “successful” specialized (or “Boutique”) firms, have substantial “off limits restrictions” that do not allow them to match our ability to recruit from such as rich and large talent pool.

Although The Carter Group is locally owned and operated as a distinctly separate legal entity, we do have an affiliation with Sanford Rose Associates International® (founded in 1959 and ranked in the Hunt Scanlon Top 10 Largest Search Firms in North America Survey), which provides us with the wherewithal, resources and state of the art technologies that allows our firm the ability to match the tools and capabilities of our largest competitors.