Here is what a few of our clients are saying about Sanford Rose Associates® – Norcross:

Don is a super team player. We’ve worked together to help executives identify untapped value among their people and build a human infrastructure to ensure a more successful future. He just gets it, which makes partnering with him a joy!

CEO, Consulting Services Provider

My company has used Sanford Rose Associates® – Norcross and Don Patrick’s services successfully in the past, so when I had an opening Don was strongly recommended. After working with him, I now see why. He understood my company, my positions and in particular, what kind of individuals would fit or not. He filtered the best fit candidates to me and worked with me to evaluate the individuals against the positions. He was persistent in keeping me focused on this important task, without being a pest. He understood our comp plan and saved me time. When I got my second opening, my first call was to Don. During this period I got another referral of someone to use and after wasting 30 minutes on the phone, I was convinced that Don was easier and better… When I get my next opening, I’ll call Don!

VP, Telecom Software Provider

I have had the pleasure of working with Don for over three years, and he continues to impress me with his knowledge of the marketplace, his resourcefulness in finding talent, and his overall commitment to providing the best possible service to his clients. Don digs deep when engaging on a new assignment, seeking to fully understand the role. He screens candidates thoroughly and only brings forward the best of talent that not only meets the technical requirements of the role, but has the right teamwork attributes to be successful. I highly recommend Don as a business partner and anticipate continuing to work with his office on future opportunities.

VP, Wireless Technology Vendor

I wanted to take this opportunity, as I’m reflecting on my recruiting efforts this past year, to send you a note of thanks. These last couple years have been a difficult time for all of us in the telecom industry. And understanding that this is an industry you focus in, I know it has been difficult for you as well.

The majority of our recruiting efforts have been focused on finding qualified candidates to meet our ever-demanding needs in sales. We have been insistent and very specific in the background and contacts that are critical for the folks we wanted to hire. I am grateful for a couple of things. One, that we have been able to build on a relationship that was started by Jim and that you have been so supportive in finding candidates that meet our hiring criteria.

I can’t thank you enough for the professional way you conducted yourself with your candidates and with me. Your insightfulness on each candidate submitted has been extremely helpful and right on target. Your success in finding a candidate for our major NE carrier account filled a hole that was becoming more problematic each day this position remained vacant. I look forward to our continued relationship and hope that next year will be a successful one for us all. Thanks again for all your efforts and support.

VP, Software Platform Vendor

Don was a key business partner to me while I worked at Comverse, Inc. Having a deep understanding of the telecom industry, Don was knowledgeable and resourceful with identifying high level, successful Account Executives. Don is an expert in his field, creative and works with a high degree of integrity. I highly recommend Don for folks looking for a recruiting partner in any industry

HR Executive, Wireless Technology Vendor

I worked closely with Don Patrick on an international consulting project that lasted approximately a year and a half. During this time, Don worked directly with our international client and interacted with many senior level members of their executive team. I was very impressed with the relationships Don fostered and developed. He became a trusted consultant and advisor to them and was able to speak frankly and openly. They always knew his only agenda was their best interests. I have also been connected with Don as he has been a leader in our organization and various industry groups. He is an intelligent, polished professional, as well as an articulate speaker. I highly recommend him and would be honored to work with him again in the future.

Executive Search Practitioner

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Sanford Rose Associates® – Norcross for all the time and effort you have put into placing outstanding candidates in front of me. Most recently when I had a need for a General Manager with a specialized, wireless industry skill set, I was very impressed with the number of qualified candidates I received daily. I have worked with various recruiters staffing hard to fill wireless positions throughout the United States, and I am pleased that I can count on you to submit only high-quality, thoroughly screened candidates.

Your professionalism and involvement with the candidates throughout the recruiting process simplifies my job substantially and enables me to focus my attention on transitioning the new hire expeditiously into our organization. We have successfully worked together to find the right matches for other hard-to-fill positions in the past and I look forward to continued involvement with you and Sanford Rose Associates® – Norcross.

VP, Wireless Carrier