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Searching for top-notch talent is difficult and time-consuming. Our business is recruiting, and we have the resources and trained personnel to locate qualified people presenting your opportunity to them in the most professional manner. Because we conduct an intensive, carefully targeted recruiting effort, we are able to produce quality candidates quickly. Our recruiting skills and extensive netwok enable us to gain access to top talent and to maintain confidentiality until mutual interest is established. Our efforts allow you and your executives to concentrate on the day-to-day operation of your business, while we concentrate on the time-consuming task of finding candidates. We are committed to providing recruiting services of the highest quality. In the course of our searches, we adhere to high ethical standards and an extremely demanding code of integrity, objectivity and confidentiality.

Global Reach
Sanford Rose Associates® is recognized as a leading recruiter of executive, managerial and professional personnel. Having served the recruiting needs of business and industry since 1959, Sanford Rose Associates® is one of the world’s oldest and largest recruiting organizations. With offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe, we have the global capability to handle assignments in a wide range of occupational disciplines at all management levels. Our purpose is to provide the best possible talent for your recruiting needs wherever that might be.

Sanford Rose Associates®- Norcross has been actively recruiting in the telecommunications and technology space since 1990. Whether you are a carrier, an equipment or software vendor, or a services provider, our network reaches similar skill sets and capabilities to those that surround you today. This network includes a range of industry people who can help us take the quickest route to the specific person you need for your opening. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in telecom/technology and more than 40 years in the recruiting profession, so you can have confidence in our ability to execute your search. We have helped our clients find the ‘hard to find’ in regions as varied as EMEA, CALA and the ASIAPAC.

Evaluating Candidates
Once we have identified potential candidates, we perform in-depth interviews with each to determine if they meet all client requirements. Additionally we will uncover any personal or family issues that would restrict the candidate’s ability to join our client. In evaluating potential candidates, the Sanford Rose Associates® consultant will use our Dimensional Search process and:

Match the candidate’s educational, professional and occupational skills to our client’s specific job requirements and needs.
Confirm that the candidate’s past experience and successes will effectively contribute to achieving our client’s current and future goals.
Verify that a candidate’s personal style will complement the corporate culture and will mesh well with the hiring manager’s personality.
Evaluate the candidate’s long-term potential to take on additional responsibilities beyond the current needs.

Presenting Candidates
As candidates express interest in the opportunity, we evaluate each against the Dimensional Search® criteria for the open position. We present for interview only those individuals who best fit the assignment profile. We can perform preliminary reference checks and education/certification validations prior to presenting the candidate.

After the interview or interviews, we debrief both you and the candidate, then follow up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information and resolve any misunderstandings. We can assist in composing and extending the offer and in negotiating any changes. When needed, we can also provide relocation assistance and cost-of-living comparisons. Once the offer is extended, we stay in constant touch with the candidate and his or her family to resolve remaining issues and facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.

Relocation Services
When needed, we can provide relocation assistance through our business partnership with a worldwide relocation service assisting with the sale of a new employee’s existing home, providing cost-of-living comparisons and helping him or her find a home in the new location. We maintain a similar partnership with a leading mover of household goods.

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