CEO of Horizon Hospitality – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Scott Samuels, Featured in The Ladders, 7 Clues you’re About to be Fired – and What you Can Do About It

Plano, TX 6/7/2019

By: Rachel Weingarten

If you’re feeling that Monday morning dread every day of the week — you may be onto something.

While it’s not always a great idea to trust your gut about every single work issue, here’s when it may be worth wondering if your job’s in danger.

If your boss or manager sense that you’ll soon be on the way out, you may suddenly find yourself “Being excluded from important department meetings that you are customarily included in,” according to Scott Samuels of Horizon Hospitality. You might be receiving fewer lunch invitations or group emails, and Naylor says “There could be a lack of eye contact and a disconnection that feels dismissive.”

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