Part of your competitive advantage in attracting event planners to your hotel is the quality of the accommodations you have to offer. Planners want to see that you have clean, comfortable rooms, and meeting and conference space that can handle their needs. Making a great impression can be a major factor in bringing new and repeat business to your location.

Virtual Reality (VR) can give event planners a more immersive impression of what your guest rooms and event space are really like. It can provide a more accurate feel for how the space will work for their purpose than a brochure, website images or even a 360 video. It’s the closest they can get to being there live. If your competitors don’t have the same option, you’ll have a distinct advantage when planners make their booking decisions.

Holograms can provide an additional advantage when trying to woo event planners to your hotel. Robot concierges are becoming more common in the industry. The advantage for hotels is they can work 24/7 without getting fatigued. They don’t get tired of answering the same questions over and over and since they are internet enabled, they never say “I don’t know.” Hologram projections are also being used to project the image to those who cannot attend or conduct multiple sessions.

Artificial intelligence (AI), when added to a robot concierge, can recognize faces to personalize the experience as well as analyze reactions through facial expressions. It can be programed for event-specific interactions and can get to know the preferences of individual guests, to improve their experience.

These technologies can also allow you to host larger events by speeding check-in and checkout and make it simpler to guide large numbers of guests through a variety of activities throughout the duration of the event.

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