The Smith Consulting Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices President, Juli Smith, Featured in Detroit Free Press, Employers Hustling Harder to Keep Workers Happy

Plano, TX 5/3/2017

By: Frank Witsil

When Jason Vazzano and Kurt Steckling started a new tech company in 1999, the best friends who tested disciplinary boundaries when they were in high school together wanted to create a company that they’d love working at: a fun, fast-paced place with few rules.

“It is the best — and highest number — in a decade,” said Juli Smith, president of Smith Consulting Group in Jackson. “Clearly, that is speaking to what’s going on in the marketplace and what I see as an executive recruiter and how incredibly tight the market is.”

Companies in nearly every industry, she said, are struggling to recruit and retain talent.

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