Brian Rhonemus, CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – Rhonemus Group, Featured in GetApp, Recruiting Millennials: How to Hire Generation Y for Sales Jobs


Plano, Texas

By: Karen McCandless

Millennials are lazy, entitled, want instant gratification, are shallow, and spend their life checking out what celebrities do on Instagram. These snowflakes think they (or should I say we) are special because their parents constantly told them they were. At least the likes of Martha Stewart, the Daily Mail, Bill Maher, and various other parts of the media seem to think so.

Brian Rhonemus, CEO at executive talent acquisition firm Sanford Rose Associates – Rhonemus Group, believes that to recruit the top Generation Y talent for sales roles, it’s important to communicate with them via channels they favor.

“The best tip to recruit them is to be where they are,” Rhonemus said. “Simply put, engage them where they live, work and play. A robust social media program should be leverage to touch these people where they spend most of their digital life. For a prior generation that could be Facebook, the millennials in some cases do not even have a FB account. Consider Snapchat, and Instagram, as well as YouTube. Break free from the traditional HR methods of expecting this generation to visit your web page to “apply”, it needs to be a mobile platform and it needs to be super easy.”

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