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Sanford Rose Associates® - St. Louis

Sanford Rose Associates® - St. Louis is a retained executive search firm and a member of The Sanford Rose Associates® network (SRA). Founded by Sandy Rose in 1959, SRA has grown to over sixty offices worldwide. In 2011, Kaye Bassman International (KBIC) acquired SRA. KBIC is a Dallas based executive search firm operating globally. Since KBIC is a vertically integrated family of companies, and SRA is a franchise system, they are operated synergistically as separate brands. As a result of the acquisition, our parent company became the eleventh largest search firm in the United States, and our combined power to deliver value to our clients grew exponentially.

The St. Louis office opened in 1997 and specializes in placing senior level executives on a national and international basis. Over the years we have established a proven track record by completing C-level, VP and Director searches for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. We have been privileged to serve such well-known brands as Panasonic, Tiffany & Company, CenturyLink, International Flavors and Fragrances, Tyco, Siemens and Alcatel/Lucent.

Our approach emphasizes candidate assessment and is founded on close working relationships with our clients and the direct hiring authority. We come to understand our clients in the context of their business goals, challenges, strategic plans, and corporate culture. In addition, we gain an in-depth knowledge of how the hiring authority supports the overall strategy, her/his management style; and, in turn, how they want to be supported by the executive to be hired. This enables us to identify and recruit transcendent senior executives who have become business savvy leaders capable of advancing the larger goals of the enterprise.

Our process of discovery and assessment is demanding and rigorous for all concerned: the candidates, our firm; and yes, for our clients too. Nevertheless, the benefits exponentially exceed the effort because our process significantly mitigates hiring risks, as our track record confirms. We share risk with our clients by providing a one-year replacement policy; and in eighteen years of service we have only had to replace three candidates. Based on that metric, our success rate is greater than 99%.

At the most fundamental level, our practice, our process, and our success are based on close working relationships with our clients. Those relationships represent partnerships rather than transactions. We are open to discussions with potential client-partners who understand the value and the necessity of high-level working relationships and rigorous candidate assessments.