You Have Exhausted Your Personal Network…

You need to fill a key position within your corporate legal department or bring additional partner’s into your firm and now realize the time required to find that “A Player” through your personal network is too great. Let’s face it, your time is too valuable, and your network is likely not as comprehensive. Welcome to Shapiro Shapiro Legal Search.   Our clients trust us to find their “A Players” because “time is money” and finding attorneys who make a difference is our specialty. We have successfully placed attorneys in legal departments in a variety of industries and partners and groups with law firms nationwide who have delivered results and greatly improved both firm and company performance.

Understanding Your Needs

This is the most essential phase of the search engagement. However, often times, lack of clarity here is the root cause of most failed searches. Although needs and requirements may sometimes change during the course of a search engagement, unless there is a clear mutual understanding or anchor point established up front, the search process and results may be compromised. It is critical that Sanford Rose Associates® – Shapiro Legal Search understand your firm culture so that we can ensure our attorney candidates represent the right “cultural fit.” Furthermore, it is important to establish a comprehensive understanding so that your Shapiro Legal Search recruiter can conduct the search efficiently and effectively. It is important that the search firm be perceived by candidates as being well informed and professional since this indirectly reflects on your firm/company as well.