Sanford Rose Associates® – Integrated Management President and Managing Partner, Chad Dean, Featured in CNBC, Think The Financial Crisis Is Over? Not For These Jobs

Dallas, TX 2/19/2016

By Stephanie Landsman

The nation’s overall employment picture may be improving, but that’s not the case for some of the highest paying positions on Wall Street before the financial crisis.

Executive recruiter Chad Dean, who specializes in finding candidates to fill both buy-side and sell-side positions, had a front row seat to the carnage.

“The most significant change is the massive reduction of employment on Wall Street, especially in the front office. (Proprietary) trading is gone. Most fixed income desks have shrunk,” said Dean, who’s managing partner of Integrated Management Resources. “I played a small part in the financial crisis by placing (collateralized debt offering) structurers. They were in such high demand that they were constantly being poached by other firms by bidding up their compensation.”

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