President of The Kineta Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices David Patterson Featured in Recruiter, Be a Better Recruiter: 10 Simple Tips

Dallas, TX | 2/23/2016

We’re looking for some easy things recruiters can start doing right now in order to become better recruiters. Share your tips and insights!

Review Your Phone Calls

“The key for massive improvement is to take an active role in your skill development. Each call you have with a potential candidate is a reference experience, but most recruiters learn very little from these calls. To learn as much as possible from each reference experience, you must:

1. Record your phone calls.
2. At the end of every day, review select recorded calls.
3. Dissect the calls. Write out what you did well and what you can improve upon.
4. Before making calls the next day, review your prior day’s notes so they are fresh in your mind
5. Review your notes over time, keeping an eye out for any areas in need of improvement that seem to pop up repeatedly. These are your sticking points.
6. Seek outside help from other recruiters, mentors, or trainers. Tackle your sticking points one by one.” says David Patterson, The Kineta Group, Inc.

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