President of Simply Driven Executive Search A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Kent Burns, Featured in Fast Company, The Seven Flaws Of Flextime

Dallas, TX 3/24/2016

By Stephanie Vozza

If having happy, engaged employees is a goal of most businesses, is flextime the simple solution for getting there? Workplace experts admit offering flexible schedules comes with benefits, and a lot of employees say it’s important to them. But before you let your employees make their own hours experts say companies need to know the potential pitfalls.

Leaders who view flextime as a surefire vehicle to attract and keep top performers should rethink its power, says Kent Burns, president of Simply Driven Executive Search. Flextime and work-life balance are both 20th-century concepts, he says. “There is no more work-life balance; it’s all life,” he says. “The same is true with flextime. It doesn’t exist anymore; there’s just time. Those who experience the most success are the people who can appropriately manage their lives around achieving results versus adhering to concepts like balance and flextime.”

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