President of The Attorney Search Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Scott Love, Featured in Rochester Business Journal, Tips For Remaining Professional While Remotely Interviewing Candidates

Plano, TX 5/4/2020

By: Kathleen Driscoll

“I’ve interviewed hundreds of people for jobs in my career and have prided myself on making good hires with in-person conversations. I must say that the prospect of interviewing the upcoming crop of candidates on Zoom upsets me. The vibes that a video conference gives off can put a huge gulf between me and the candidate that’s difficult to bridge. I realize I’ve always depended a lot on handshakes and body language during in-person interviews. Without that, I feel like I’m going to hire the wrong person. Please advise.”

Indeed, interviewing job candidates on video can feel like a big change — especially if you’ve relied completely on face-to-face conversations. But in the age of coronavirus when we’re all tethered to home offices, interviewing candidates on video has become non-negotiable.

“First, understand a lot of people feel the same way,” says Scott Love, president of The Attorney Search Group, part of the Sanford Rose Associates, a network of independently owned executive search firms.  “Everyone is feeling a deficit of resources. And the playing field overnight has been leveled all over the world, everywhere.”

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