President of K. Russo Consulting – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Karen Russo, Featured in GoodCall, Unusual Jobs Held By U.S. Presidents Demonstrate Success Traits

Dallas, TX 11/7/2016

Most U.S. presidents are or were college grads – although Abraham Lincoln and George Washington weren’t. While the path to the presidency often includes a stop at a top-tier school, followed by a respectable stint at the congressional or gubernatorial level, some commanders-in-chief have veered off the path for some unusual careers.

Karen Russo, president of K. Russo Consulting, a Sanford Rose Associates member, believes that the most successful people have the strength of mind to remain focused and they refuse to dwell on their failures. “Being determined is to see failures as setbacks, not the end,” Russo says. “When you are determined you do not listen to the naysayers, you keep an open mind but shut down those who say that it can’t be done.”

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