November 18, 2016

Rayboy Insider Search Joins Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search Network

Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search Network expands its footprint with the partnership of Rayboy Insider Search, the newest member of the Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) network of offices. Rayboy Insider Search (Rayboy IS) specializes in recruiting in the storage, virtualization, and infrastructure markets.

Jordan Rayboy, CEO of RayboyIS, is a board member of the Pinnacle Society, an elite consortium of 75 of the top executive recruiters in North America. He is also a renowned speaker within the recruiting industry, and has presented at numerous national, regional, and state conferences. He enjoys sharing best practices to help elevate the level of the recruiting profession as a whole. Jordan has been quoted as an industry expert in numerous national and industry-specific media outlets, including Monster, Yahoo, AOLJobs, The Ladders, Computer World, Top Tech News, Data Storage Today, The New York Post, Chicago Tribune, and many others.

“To say that we are truly excited about the inclusion of Jordan Rayboy and his team into our network of offices would be beyond an understatement. Having known Jordan for too long I care to recall, I can state emphatically that Jordan is one of the most talented, driven, and ethical search professionals I have ever known in my 27+ years in the industry. On a personal level Jordan is kind, caring and one of those people that ignites a room with joy and engagement. The fact that he is one the leading professional educators in our industry will continue to ensure that the SRA network of offices remain the finest group of search professionals in the country,” says Jeff Kaye, Co-Senior Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.

SRA International, Inc. admits a limited number of independently owned organizations each year; this high level of exclusivity has ensured the brand and reputation of Sanford Rose Associates remain unparalleled in terms of professionalism, performance, and service that exceeds the expectations of their clients.

“We are beyond excited to join SRA International! It feels like a turbo-booster has already been added to our business, which was already operating at a high level. We now have a dedicated team committed to delivering the recruiting talent we need to grow our firm, the marketing horsepower to grow our brand, the training and performance management leadership to accelerate our production, the finance & operations team to manage our back-office enabling us to scale, and other key functions like tech support, in-house legal support, etc. I could literally go on and on. Beyond that, the power of the peer group has already paid dividends by having access to other owners that have gone through similar challenges, and learning from their mistakes and successes. The energy in SRA is contagious, and we look forward to the journey ahead!” says Jordan Rayboy, President of Rayboy Insider Search.

Executive Search Review recognized the totality of the Sanford Rose Associates network as being one of the Top 10 Search Firms in North America. Over the course of the past five decades, the Sanford Rose Associates network has expanded to over 70 offices worldwide with firms in North America, Latin America, and Asia.