CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Tolan Group, Tim Tolan, Featured in Advanced Healthcare Network, How to Track Employee Retention — and Why You Should

By: Sarah Sutherland

Dallas, TX | 11/4/2016
Every company wants its best employees to stay. Human resources professionals spend countless hours creating the perfect job listing, screening candidates, conducting first and second multi-step interviews and, eventually, choosing the candidate that they know will fit that position perfectly. However, it might not be until they realize that they’re posting new job openings every month that they recognize their company’s employee retention rates have plummeted.

Technically, the process of calculating a company’s employee retention rate is relatively simple. Tim Tolan, CEO and managing partner of The Tolan Group, an affiliate of the Sanford Rose network, and Bill Graves, senior search consultant of The Tolan Group, provided ADVANCE with the following formulas used to determine both rates of retention and turnover.

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