Allen Wass, President of Sanford Rose Associates® – Hudson, Featured in Time, Letter From George H.W. Bush Is a Lesson in How to Step Away Gracefully

Dallas, TX 10/24/2016

By: Kristen Bahler

As a 1993 letter by former President George H.W. Bush to former President Bill Clinton snakes its way through social media, its gracious, affable message has quickly become a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the current political climate.

Be Cordial and Accommodating to Your Successor

Offer to be a resource to the person taking over for you. This helps ease your successor into a new role, and it makes you look like a good sport, says Allen Wass, president of the Hudson, Ohio, branch of executive search firm Sanford Rose.

“Let your replacement know that they should feel free to call you for guidance,” he says. “Having that correspondence with a person who sat in the same seat, who knows exactly what they’re facing, is going to mean a lot to them. And by making that good-will gesture, you’re demonstrating your commitment to the organization.”

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