The Smith Consulting Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices President, Juli Smith, Featured in ZipRecruiter, Writing Job Ads For MillennialsJobs

Dallas, 10/20/2016

By: Matt Krumrie

Twenty years ago, writing an attractive job ad may have meant referencing things like being a Fortune 500 organization, a “global leader with 10,000 employees worldwide” or a financial perk such as an employee stock purchase program when writing job ads. Those are all impressive to an extent, but not necessarily to today’s millennial job seeker.

Millennials are not just interested in a job, the culture of the company is very important to them, says Juli Smith, President of Smith Consulting Group, an executive search firm specializing in finding opportunities for professionals in engineering, architecture and IT, and a member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices.

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