Peg Newman, Founder of Sanford Rose Associates® – Newman Group, Featured in Up Journey, How to Answer “Why Are You Looking for a New Job?”

Plano, TX  5/31/2022

How do you respond to someone asking you why you’re job hunting or considering looking for a new job?

Do you talk about your old boss or company, or do you focus on what you’re looking for in a new role? Do you tell them the truth, or do you spin an answer that makes it sound like everything is great?

According to experts, here are effective ways to answer “why are you looking for a new job?” along with a few examples.

Peg Newman, Executive Recruiter and Founder of Sanford Rose Associates – Newman Group says, “It’s the inevitable question during an interview, and your answer may be the difference-maker with a hiring manager. What they don’t want to hear is ‘I hate my boss’ or ‘I’m looking to make more money or get promoted.’ They want an answer from the heart and one that shows motivation that they can get excited about.”

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