Managing Partner, Chad Dean of Integrated Management Resources – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Asset-Backed Alert, Employers Tell ABS Pros: Name Your Price

Plano, TX 3/9/2022

Job seekers in the structured-finance industry are in the driver’s seat.

With coronavirus-related threats fading amid abundant employment opportunities, executive recruiters are describing an environment in which applicants for securitization-related posts have more flexibility than ever to negotiate compensation, benefits, location, vacation time and workload.

In many ways, the situation mirrors worker shortages and shifting attitudes toward employment relationships that have affected companies of all types amid the so-called great resignation. But there also are specific factors at work in the securitization industry that are intensifying the tug-of-war.

The counteroffers in some cases are 20% to 30% higher than what the new jobs would pay, on top of the raises the individuals would have secured by switching jobs. “Companies are desperate to add headcount,” said Chad Dean, owner of Scottsdale, Ariz., placement firm Integrated Management Resources. “Counteroffers have become standard and expected.”

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