David Hunt, CEO of Hyperion Executive Search – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Worklife, Remote and Hybrid Working Highlights the Widening Gulf Between Work-Life Conditions of Senior and Junior Employees

Plano, TX  2/17/2022

By: Oliver Pickup

How has the pandemic been for you and your career? The answer to this question will likely depend on your work status, the industry in which you operate and your level of seniority. The increasingly discussed “work-life balance” has long tipped heavily in favor of senior executives. However, alarming new research indicates that the gulf between the chiefs and the warriors has widened considerably in the last two years.

Not everyone has found working from home the luxury that some have, particularly those in frontline and field roles which aren’t office-based. That’s often created a gulf between those workers and their senior leaders, according to David Hunt, founder, and CEO of Hyperion Executive Search, a specialist recruitment firm. “There is a physical requirement to be in a certain place that inevitably creates a divide between leadership, who are often working from home, a coffee shop, or even a beach somewhere — yet some demand that workers are in the office five days a week. The higher up the career chain you go, the more this inequality is the case,” he said.

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