Managing Director of Boaz Partners, A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Weslee Washington, Featured in GoodCall, What are the Best and Worst Entry Level Jobs in 2017?

Plano, TX 5/30/2017

By Terri Williams

Realistically, most entry-level jobs won’t pay employees a ton of money their first year on the job, and they probably won’t be leading the company any time soon. But it’s still important to weigh employment options carefully before accepting a position.

When young workers are considering their employment options, salary and the opportunity to gain experience are typically the primary factors. However, Weslee M. Washington, managing director at Boaz Partners, an Atlanta-based recruitment firm, tells GoodCall® that job candidates need to consider the following 5 factors:

  • Training: What kind of investment is the company going to make in them?
  • Path for success: Does the employer have examples of where people go in the company or even after they leave the company?
  • Culture: What fits their personality? Do they like the people they meet?
  • Industry: Is it an attractive industry with growth potential? Remember VCRs? Neither does the rest of the world.
  • More entrepreneurial in spirit? What experience will you gain from the job that will develop you?

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