Industrial Sewing Machinery Technician needed for Automated Industrial Sewing Machine Fixture company.  This company provides industrial sewing, CNC and moving towards robotic sewing, to automotive, marine, upholstered furniture, footwear, luggage, and apparel industries.

  • Broad range of sewing equipment types, including lock stitch, chain stitch, overlock, interlock/coverstitch, blind hemmers, buttonhole, with ability to trouble-shoot and repair machinery
  • Experienced with OEM automated sew units, electronically controlled machines such as programmable x-y axis sewing units, pocket welt, buttonhole, etc. including familiarity with electronic controls functions, ability for programming of same
  • General working knowledge of sewing equipment work aids and attachments, how to specify, install, adjust for specific production requirements
  • Ability to interpret electrical and pneumatic schematic diagrams
  • Strong communication skills, ability to interact with OEM and customer engineers, to adequately convey information in a professional manner
  • Ability to occasionally travel within the U.S. and Mexico to perform field installs, customer training, and repair services is required
  • Strong level of computer proficiency is preferred
  • Experience with CAD design is preferred, but not required.


  • Health Care, Vision, and Dental offered to all full time Employees and their spouses and children at a 70% employer paid, 30% employee paid premium. Employee portion is qualified section 126 pretax deduction through Payroll 26 pays annually.
  • Group Life and Short term disability for all full time employees. Life insurance amount 1 times salary. 
  • Vacation includes annual week shutdown after six months service, 2 additional weeks after 1 year of service.
  • Holidays Observed as per company calendar annually.