Passive candidates are some of the strongest you’ll find in the hospitality industry. They are already working successfully for one of your competitors or in a related industry. It’s up to you to encourage them to join your organization by persuading them that your opportunity represents an upgrade to their career or lifestyle. But first, you must find them.

Consider these ideas for finding passive candidates.


Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile. Mastering the search is a great way to find them. Search for individuals working in the hospitality industry using relevant keywords depending on the skills you are seeking. Another direction to approach is to view competitor pages on the site to see who is currently working in your target position.

Ask for referrals

One of your best resources is your current staff. Ask who they know in the industry and also ask what they like best about working at your company so you can use it as a selling point in your recruitment process.

Leverage your network

The most important factor in gaining the interest of people in your network is your approach. Don’t jump straight into a sales pitch if you find someone who could be a good fit for your organization. Discuss what you like about working there, what the culture is like, and what makes your hotel or restaurant special and a great place to work. Hearing your positive impressions may be enough to let them find their way. Sometimes you must plant the seed if a candidate is not ready to make a move. They may be perfectly happy today, but tomorrow there could be a change in management or policy that will have them rethinking their career. That’s when you want to be top-of-mind for them. If you gave them a positive impression, they might reach out to you on their own.

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