Founder and Principal of PMO Partners – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Brian Abrams, Featured in The Tycoon Magazine, Best Recruiting and Staffing Agencies to Watch

Plano, TX  11/17/2022

The hiring process can be tedious for some organizations because it naturally takes time and effort. Because of this, several companies struggle to find enough time to complete projects effectively. It takes a lot of time for the hiring managers and the human resources team to review all the applications from prospective employees. Additionally, there are times when just a small percentage of the applicants in this pool are qualified for the position.

As a result of the constant need to hire the best talent but the infrequent availability of the time to do so, companies now view recruitment firms as a necessity. Equipped with expertise and experience, these firms understand the requirements of the job market and ensure that their clients are never short of talented and skilled professionals. Along with this, the majority of reputable recruitment firms have access to a sizable talent pool of referenced and pre-screened applicants. PMO Partners, LLC is one such reputable recruitment firm that helps companies quickly fill job vacancies, which, in turn, saves them from incurring possible losses. This means clients will have to only see candidates who have been carefully assessed and vetted.

PMO Partners was founded by Brian Abrams (Founder and President) in 2014. The leading firm is a niche staffing company specializing in helping its clients find elite Project Management and Business Systems Analyst talent. It is the only staffing firm solely focused on this niche and is committed to serving this community. Every search that the leading firm performs is unique and customized to help its clients achieve their definition of success. PMO Partners leverages a proven recruitment process that is designed to uncover candidates who will excel within the client organization.

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