CEO of Hyperion Executive Search – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, David Hunt, Featured in Sifted, How Can Climate Tech Companies Make Sure They Hire the Right People?

Plano, TX  5/18/2022

By: Freya Pratty

David Hunt is the founder of Hyperion Executive Search, which helps climate tech companies recruit for C-suite, board and senior level positions. He also hosts the Leaders in Cleantech podcast. This interview first appeared in the Sustain newsletter, our weekly roundup of the biggest news in climate tech — subscribe here.

What problems is the climate tech sector facing in terms of hiring?

Climate tech is a nascent industry and the problem stems from the talent pool being so small, yet the demand for talent increasing exponentially. With the fast-paced growth that the sector is experiencing comes a perception that recruits must be “off the shelf” and fully experienced. Climate tech companies need to be more open to transferable skills and draw talent from other sectors.

It’s also down to a lack of awareness from universities and other education institutions about the young sector. They don’t know what jobs or careers exist, so it’s very hard for them to prepare people for careers in the sector. We need much more education about the sector and the opportunities it presents. Governments should be key to this but they don’t know enough about what is happening. Climate tech trade bodies and associations can and should help, but it’s a chicken and egg situation — who pays and who is accountable? That’s what’s holding us back.

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