CEO of Horizon Hospitality, Scott Samuels, Featured in Career Planners, How To Tell if the Organization is a Right Fit for You.

Plano, TX 2/5/2018

By Lisa Lannuci

CEO of Horizon Hospitality, Scott Samuels, is featured in Career Planners magazine.  In the issue, Scott shares his insight for job hunting in today’s market.

You are on an interview and like what you’re learning about the job so far, but you don’t know if you would really like working at the company. How you can find out what a company’s work culture is really like and if it’s a fit for you before you sign on the dotted line and show up for work? According to Scott Samuels, founder & CEO of Horizon Hospitality, a company’s culture is more about the personality of a company. However, he says it’s difficult to ascertain through a question and answer session during an interview. “Culture needs to be seen and felt in the workplace environment,” he says. “Employers have a tendency to answer questions in a positive manner that, many times, doesn’t truly reflect their company’s culture.”

You can also review LinkedIn profiles for the same commentary from employees. Samuels says there is a growing trend to have a jobseeker spend a half or full day shadowing a current employee within a company to gain additional clarity about the company’s true work culture. “Jobseekers should feel comfortable in asking, ‘In order to ensure I am the right long-term fit for XYZ company and that XYZ company will be an excellent long-term fit for me, would it be possible to spend a few hours with one of your employees who is current performing a similar role to what I would be doing?’” Samuels says.