President of Sanford Rose Associates® – Santee, John Malloy, Featured in Fast Company, How To Talk To Your Boss About Your Career Goals

Plano, TX 1/25/2018

By Gwen Moran

Before he became president and owner of Sanford Rose Associates–Santee (South Carolina), John Malloy was president of a component manufacturing company with about 400 employees. He recalls one employee who took ownership of his career development, approaching Malloy about how he could get better at his job and get promoted. “He’d probably been with us only 90 days. And he came in and said, ‘I want to make sure I’m doing all the right stuff. What are the things that I need to be doing to please you and help the company?’” he recalls.

Malloy wrote down six key points, and the employee asked when they could review them again. A week before the appointment a few months later, the employee called to remind Malloy of their meeting. The employee arrived at the meeting prepared with what he had accomplished and contributed, and was ready for his next set of tasks and development opportunities. Malloy says that if an employee takes such an active role in their own career development, it’s hard for leaders to not pay attention and provide more opportunities that will ultimately bring value to the company.

“If they don’t want to hear what your goals and aspirations are, you’re working for the wrong person,” he says.

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