On more than one occasion an executive recruiter may have called you to share a career opportunity. Did you know what to do? Many professional candidates, regardless of education, experience or salary, often don’t understand what to expect from a relationship with a recruiter or, furthermore, what the recruiter expects of you as a candidate. To ensure that you have the most rewarding and conflict-free relationship with your recruiter during an exciting period of career transition, we have prepared the following explanation to help you understand what search professionals do and serve as guidelines when working with a recruiter.

What We Do:
Sanford Rose Associates recruiters work on behalf of client companies to identify and recruit highly qualified professionals. In every search, we establish a solid working relationship with the client company, which includes developing a thorough understanding of the position, organizational structure and company culture. We then search for the most qualified candidates, using our extensive network of referral sources, research team and internal databases. After identifying and presenting qualified candidates, we arrange interviews, negotiate employment offers and assist with job transitions.

What to do when a Recruiter calls:
Consider it a compliment, and take the call. If you want to talk, but can’t, ask when you can call the recruiter back. If you are happy in your present position, tell the recruiter, but make sure to write down their contact information. You never know when you may need a search professional who specializes in your particular industry.

Just because a recruiter calls you, never assume that they actually know what you do, let alone the nuances of what you do. Make sure you are able to take the time to explain your job in laymen’s terms and remember to speak slowly since this person is probably taking notes. You should also keep these other points in mind:

  • Provide them a thorough description of your work experience and send requested material (i.e. resume) as soon as possible.
  • Realize the search professional may not always be attempting to recruit you; they may be calling to network. Providing the recruiter with the names and contact information of peers in your industry will not only assist in their search but, may help to advance the career of a friend.
  • Be honest with your recruiter. Share not only your values and career aspirations, but also any obstacles to consideration of the opportunity presented.
  • Expect to have your motivations challenged. If you engage with a search professional to pursue a new opportunity, they want to ensure your reasons for looking at the position are sound.
  • If you have concerns about the opportunity, relocation, etc., make sure to share those promptly. Recruiters can often answer questions and add insight to the career enhancement process.
  • Listen and respond to suggestions. Your search professional knows the client and the type of candidate they are looking for.
    Provide solid professional references that are familiar with your work.
  • Follow up promptly. Recruiters work very hard to arrange interviews and negotiate employment offers. Consistent communications is essential to the process.

If you are working with a Sanford Rose Associates recruiter, please be assured that they will be sensitive to your personal needs for confidentiality as they address your questions and concerns. We at Sanford Rose Associates pride ourselves in fostering long-term relationships with both clients and candidates; therefore, we want to ensure a good match is made. Encouraging an inappropriate career move would be contrary to our philosophy and counterproductive to maintaining good client relationships. We will ask for your time only when a genuine opportunity exists.