Sanford Rose Associates® – Wayne Managing Director, Paul Feeney, Featured in Success, How To: Take a Year Off

Dallas, TX 5/11/2016

By Emma Johnson

Jaye Smith and her co-authors of Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break interviewed 200 people who took between two months and two years away from their careers. Time away was spent on everything from travel to education, recovering from the end of a relationship, caring for loved ones and reconnecting with family.

“When I was 32, single and childless, I quit my executive recruiter job, took $50,000 in savings and traveled to 26 countries for 20 months. I stayed in hostels and went on organized tours in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. I figured that it made more sense to enjoy this sort of lifetime experience when I was young and healthy, rather than waiting until I was in my 60s and retired. The tours I did tended to not be the touristy ones, and I was able to experience the local culture that you might not see. I was living so cheaply that I extended my original plan for a year. But eventually I got bored. There are only so many days you can lie on the beach in Thailand,” explained Paul Feeney, Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates® – Wayne.

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