President of Simply Driven Executive Search A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Kent Burns, Featured in, 7 Personal Habits That Can Instantly Turn Off Business Colleagues

Dallas, TX 6/13/2014

By Geoff Williams

These days, meeting someone in person can arguably be a bit unnerving for some entrepreneurs. After all, according to the 2010 U.S. Census records, there are at least 10.1 million self-employed people, and while yes, plenty of solopreneurs pride themselves on dressing up even when they’re working out of their home office, it’s a safe bet plenty of you’re working in sweatpants and forgetting to comb your hair until you pass a mirror at 11 in the morning. And if the only people you see on a regular basis are your spouse, your kids and the UPS driver, chances are also good you aren’t exactly polishing your communication skills on a regular basis.

Kent Burns, President of Simply Driven Executive Search in Indianapolis, says that when he meets someone in a business setting, “I assess them very quickly. Appearance communicates how much someone really cares about their persona. And I notice their fingernails, too—[both] men and women.”

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