Managing Partner of Sanford Rose Associates® – JFSPartners, Joseph Sos, Featured in, Some Career Development Advice From The Sunshine State

Dallas, TX 6/5/2014

By Rob Starr

Joseph Sos is the Managing Partner for Sanford Rose Associates® – JFSPartners that specializes in placing financial and accounting professionals in the Florida market. His last 14 years in the business have been spent in both Chicago and The Sunshine State and the placements his company is most familiar with run from the experienced staff all the way up to a partner level.

Sos started our conversation with a new twist on the familiar theme of networking and the dangers of stopping the practice if and when you make the decision to leave public accounting. “I’ve seen that really limit people,” he said. “Whereas if you compare that to somebody who continues to network and go to a lot of the CPA functions and above and beyond as it relates to their networking, they’re meeting new people and continuing to progress their relationships.”

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