If your hotel is in a location that tends to attract summer vacationers or bring in conferences and conventions when the weather is nice, you may find that the winter season is slower than you’d like. But you still have the same number of rooms to fill and similar expenses. How can you keep your hotel full and vibrant throughout the offseason?

Up your social media marketing

Social media and the hotel business are a match made in heaven.

Instagram. Take advantage of the visual nature of Instagram to show off your beautiful décor. Showcase winter-friendly features like a fireplace or a cozy chair with a warm throw. Put the spotlight on holiday decorations, hearty but visually appealing meals in your restaurant or winter-themed cocktails in your bar. Wrap all this around a winter getaway package to draw potential guests in.

Twitter. Get active on Twitter to let people know what specials are available or events are coming up. Partner with local attractions, activities, and events in your area. If there is an ice-skating rink nearby or winter festivities, tweet about room packages that can go along with them.

Facebook. Whether you’re running ads or just engaging in with guests on your page, Facebook is a great place to combine the advantages of the visual impact of Instagram and the conversation on Twitter.

Network in the community

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organizations to see if any businesses are looking for event space. Offer discounts or host a networking happy hour. Include tours of your event space and room to show off what you have to offer. Let local businesses join for coffee and pastries one morning a week. Make a great impression on them, and they can go on to become your best marketing partner.

Take a step back

If these ideas don’t bring in the level of business you would like, take advantage of the opportunity to deep clean or renovate. Inspect the property from top to bottom. Do any carpets need to be replaced? Does paint need to be freshened? Are there large-scale renovations that you can plan or budget for now? There’s no better time than when there are fewer guests on property to disturb.

Recruit hotel managers and executives

This is also a great time to start recruiting for your busy season. If you need to recruit hotel managers, executives, or staff, don’t wait until they’ve been snapped up by your competitors, or you are desperate for help. This is the perfect time to evaluate who you need to add to your organization and how to attract them. One of the best ways to find and attract top hotel executives and managers is by working with the recruiting specialists at Horizon Hospitality. Get in touch with us today and let us do the recruiting for you


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