Mark Phillips, CEO of HireEducation – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in HigherEd Jobs, Should You Put Your Job Search on Hold for the Holidays?

By: Leah Jackson

Plano, TX 1/18/2023

As students pack up and leave campus and grades get finalized, a long winter break might be just the reprieve you need. You’ve earned it after the whirlwind dash to the finish line. For those of you in a job search, you might be wondering if you should put it on pause for the holidays. Even if you’re between jobs, you might be looking for an excuse for a break from the slog. So, is the winter break a time for rest and recreation (R&R), or is totally ditching your job search for December and January a mistake? Are there really any jobs being posted? Is any interviewing or hiring happening? Let’s start with some numbers first.

While you might think there’s no use job searching in December since most colleges and universities are on winter break, historically, HigherEdJobs has only seen a marginal drop-off in job postings in December. In December 2021 and January 2022, over 35,000 jobs were posted to HigherEdJobs each month. For comparison, we post around 41,000 jobs per month on average.

“Keep in mind, that we have a broad definition of ‘job search,'” Mark Phillips of HireEducation reminds us. “The holidays are a great time to refresh contact with your network, to send holiday greetings, to check in about plans for the new year, to connect with mentors and mentees, etc. The nice thing about this kind of activity is that, because people are taking things a little bit easy (in terms of work, at least), you’re more likely to have a genuine, human interaction during the holidays than at other times of the year.”

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