Managing Director of Boaz Partners, A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Weslee Washington, Featured in Franchise Business Review, Speed to Market Attracted Sanford Rose Associates’ Franchisee Weslee Washington

Dallas, TX 2/10/2017

By Emma Pearson

Weslee Washington wanted to be in business for himself, and quickly. Sanford Rose Associates’ ability to make this happen led him to become a franchisee in 2015. He shares his franchising experience with Franchise Business Review.

What was it about your franchise that led you to purchase it?

The speed at which Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) could get me in business for myself via its proven business model. The leadership also has the experience of running a business in the executive search industry and scaling it to a size that I respect. This Is a difficult accomplishment.

Why did you decide to go into franchising?

The resources provided by SRA give me the tools to quickly scale my company, Boaz Partners. My website was built, my letterhead ready, and my database installed in a matter of a couple of weeks. These and other things SRA did allowed me to jump in and focus on producing billing opportunities. Additionally, being a part of SRA helps me tell a story and speak to resources for my prospective employees. When I tell a new hire I have a six-week training program, I see their surprise that a firm my size would have such capabilities.

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