Juli Smith, President of The Smith Consulting Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices Featured in LadyLUX, The Best Careers for Women in 2016

Dallas, 2/5/2016

Opportunities for women in 2016 and beyond are far more vast than our grandmothers could have ever anticipated. And while women want to believe that wage inequality and workplace harassment are things of the past, it isn’t always the case.

Top careers to consider

Executive Search

“With all the press about glass ceilings and equal pay for women, there is no greater pay equalizer than executive search as a top career choice for women. As an executive recruiter, I have had the joy of personal and financial success based on pure meritocracy, independent of what a male boss thinks of me. If I work hard, I succeed,” said Juli Smith, president of The Smith Consulting Group.

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