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In today’s Printing & Packaging marketplace, employers rely on Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope in filling critical position openings with the best possible talent in the shortest possible time.

Organizations that excel in the new global marketplace deliver consistently superior products and services, setting the standards for others to follow. To do this, they need the kind of people at all levels who can make a difference in their organizational performance – from executive row to the front lines. And when a critical member of the team leaves, or new positions of equal importance need to be created, you know how essential it is to find the very best talent.

Sanford Rose Associates® has helped its client companies meet this challenge since 1959. Today, through its more than sixty offices in the United States, Asia & Europe Sanford Rose Associate finds and attracts high-potential executives, managers and professionals for critical position openings worldwide.

As always, top people must be painstakingly identified and carefully courted. They are often happily employed and don’t necessarily have their resumes in broad-scale circulation, on or off the Internet. But equally important, in a tight labor market, they must be convinced that your opportunity stands out from the many others they receive.

Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope knows that a new, highly competitive era in human capital acquisition has dawned and we are fully prepared to help your organization come out ahead and we are committed to helping our clients find the best industry professionals in the shortest possible time. We set the standard!

The success of our practice speaks for itself as 91% of our business comes from satisfied, repeat clients. Our drive, passion, integrity and commitment are unequaled. Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope has a single focus: “to help our client partners build powerful leadership teams.”

About Us

Sanford Rose Associates® has, for the last 50+ years, helped its client companies meet the changing needs of talent acquisition across the globe. Its more than sixty offices worldwide have identified, and attracted high-potential executives, managers and professionals for essential position openings for their clients.

As an independently owned office we can help your organization build a powerful team that delivers the greatest added value while crafting and executing your business strategy. We are committed to providing search and consulting services of the highest quality while adhering to high ethical standards, objectivity and confidentiality. Whether your needs are in General Management, Manufacturing, Sales, Product Development, or Human Resources, we firmly believe our team can help find the right candidates for you.

Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope is a leading executive search firm specializing in senior management recruiting – CEOs, Executive Directors, key senior management and their direct reports for a variety of industries with focus areas in the medical device, safety products and general manufacturing sectors. For over 50 years the Sanford Rose Associates® network has served a regional, national and international client base – from major publically traded companies to emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Our specific area of focus is in aligning cultural fit between our client’s organization and the successful candidates we present.

We place a premium on gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s organizational history and culture. In addition to looking into the past we also take into account the organizations current challenges and opportunities. This information, along with the requirements and expectations of the position, serve as the basis for the development of an ideal executive profile against which we identify and screen potential candidates. Our “Dimensional Search®” Process ensures that we only introduce candidates who have a high potential for being a positive cultural fit for our clients, as well as being capable of making an immediate positive contribution to the success of their organizations.

Using a consultative and collaborative approach, we work with officers and boards to help them select and attract talented leaders who can make a difference in addressing strategic and organizational needs, structure, and culture. Regardless of where our clients fit in their specific industry, our focus remains the same: help the organization find the talent best suited to lead the client to success

Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope is located in Central New Jersey and provides Executive Search and consulting services to mid market organizations in the Industrial, Healthcare and Medical Device Sector. We are ideally located for servicing the Tri State region and only 60 minutes away from New York. While the office can satisfy the executive search needs of global businesses, we pride ourselves in being accessible to our clients as often as necessary and in person.

Meet the President

paul-marquezlinkedin_32Paul Marquez, President

Paul has extensive experience in Executive Search helping clients fill critical openings in the Print and Packaging industries. He has built a reputation for finding talent that has positively influenced the success of his clients. Coming from an industry where attention to detail, follow through and a sense of urgency mean the critical difference between success and failure, Paul has applied these principles to Executive Search, ensuring a smooth and consistent hiring follow a disciplined process for his clients.

Prior to opening his Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope in early 1998, Paul had over 25 years’ sales and marketing management experience working with some of the most profitable printing organizations in North America. Paul created integrated database marketing programs for the print industry and has a particular strength in sales training and team development and on several occasions has guest-lectured on sales management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Our Focus

Our Executive Search Partners provide a high level of confidentiality as trusted partners throughout the search process while offering assistance with salary and compensation surveys, relocation, outplacement and career counseling.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. It is our objective to ensure that your hiring process flows as smoothly as possible, offering every assistance, to make certain we have a satisfied client.

Sanford Rose Associates® – Fairhope adheres to the code of ethics for both SHRM and the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).

Our Process

Profiling the Position
We understand the functions and potential technical aspects of your positions and recognize your company will have a unique culture and hiring practice. Using Sanford Rose Associates® proprietary Dimensional Search® process, we work closely with you to create a position profile that identifies the skills required to do the job, past experience needed to meet priority tasks, and personal style that will function effectively in your company’s culture. The profile is then agreed to by all parties before the search begins.

Dimensional Assessment
Based on our engagement we develop a candidate questionnaire using questions carefully crafted for your search. The questionnaire uncovers information not usually found in the resume separating those candidates who seem qualified from those who truly are and confirms their level of commitment.

Identification and Recruitment
We then develop a strategic plan and begin a customized search for promising candidates who are likely to match the search profile. The best candidates are often happily employed, and their resumes may not be in circulation.

Screening and Referencing
We identify and recruit candidates using a wide variety of means and will keep you fully informed of our progress. We will then interview potential candidates to make sure they are a close fit and will do an initial reference check prior to presentation. At your request we can also arrange for psychometric testing. Once we have identified a candidate worthy of your consideration, we will present them to you with the questionnaire and test results, detailing why they are truly a fit to your position profile.

Interviewing Process
We assist you throughout your screening process typically arranging telephone and/or face-to-face interviews. In addition we will prepare both you and the candidate prior to interview, as well as debrief after, to confirm both parties’ level of interest and obtain answers to any additional questions.

Selection and Offer
Once you have selected your preferred candidate, we perform final reference checks which will be provided to you in writing. We will help you design a compensation package that will meet both your needs and the needs of the candidate. We will present a trial offer on your behalf and resolve any last-minute issues before you make a written offer. When the candidate says “yes,” we will help them resign and resist any counter- offers from their current employer. We also follow up post-hire to determine the level of both company and candidate satisfaction.

Our Current Searches

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