Dan Toussant, Owner of Dan Toussant & Associates – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network Authored “3 Business Leadership Tips From The Steve Jobs Story” Featured in Soar To Success

Dan Toussant is the Owner of Dan Toussant & Associates – A network of the Sanford Rose Associates® network. His office is located in Ohio and they conduct searches for sales managers and sales engineers, operational leaders, and finance executives in high-tech manufacturing, sustainable energy and healthcare. The following is his article in the publication of Soar To Success

Plano, TX | 1/20/2017

Steve Jobs gave Walter Isaacson complete control to construct an unfiltered view of ‘who was Steve Jobs?’, and ‘why was he worth studying?’ in his biography. There are several teachable moments in this book even though Jobs was a person with many character traits that people disliked.

I’ve identified three aspects to his leadership and business acumen that make his impact and his legacy huge for leaders everywhere. They include:

Create a brand built on the special qualities you and your business can offer. Jobs was an artist, a minimalist design freak, and a marketing-roll-out genius. Jobs called Apple ‘the intersection of technology and liberal arts’. His primary passion was to make products that were designed well, that were cool to use, that were, in a word, artful. Jobs created an Apple­user experience that was special.

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