CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – Santee, John Malloy, Featured in Human Resource Executive, Behind the Curtain

By: Carol Patton

Plano, TX | 4/4/2018

HR professionals can use negative reviews posted on online job sites to make positive workplace changes.

As executive vice president of global HR at Protiviti, Scott Redfearn gets pinged several times a day by email alerts from the job site Glassdoor, notifying him that an employee posted an online comment about his consulting firm, which supports 5,000 employees in approximately 75 countries.

Count on negative reviews impairing your recruiting efforts. Last year, an auto supplier received bad reviews from temporary workers on various job sites. John Malloy, partner with international auto recruiter AutoKineto, was tasked with recruiting an accountant for the organization.

But candidates kept turning him down because of the online negative comments.

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