CEO of Horizon Hospitality – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Scott Samuels, Featured in Big Mouth Survey, Hotel Employee Job Satisfaction: 3 Steps to Make Hotel Staff Happy

Plano, TX 2/13/2020

Employees are the backbone of any company and their work can give a company a really great way to start a business and achieve its goals. But, if the employees are unhappy, it really affects the business. 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. 81% of employees could leave their job today. Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable (Adeel Shabir, Centriq)

Happy employees lead to happy customers.

Scott Samuels, the CEO of Horizon Hospitality stresses the importance of respect and empowerment. He recommends asking the following questions to learn more about hotel employee job satisfaction.

Does senior leadership treat employees with the respect they deserve?
Does senior leadership empower (hourly) employees to solve basic guest-related issues or do they require management approval?
Is the hotel’s senior leadership commonly present during peak times and when the hotel is the busiest and do they actively engage with guests during these times?

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