Carolyn Denman, Finance Director of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Tolan Group, Featured in Fit Small Business, How to Do State of Florida Payroll in 5 Steps

By: Charlette Beasley

Plano, TX | 4/26/2019

Businesses in Florida with at least one employee must do payroll according to federal and Florida laws. State of Florida payroll is one of the least complex states for doing payroll because it doesn’t have state or local income taxes. This makes it easier to process payroll manually.

Even if you enter an employee after they’ve started working, Gusto will send an email to collect their personal, tax, and bank account details in addition to giving them the opportunity to sign all onboarding documents. This saves you from having to prepare and distribute your own onboarding documents. Carolyn Denman, Finance Director of Florida company, The Tolan Group, discusses the importance of creating an onboarding process that is clear and informative.

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