Bob Hadick, President of Russ Hadick & Associates – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices Featured in Dice, 5 IT Contract Jobs That Easily Go Full-Time
Dallas, 2/20/2015

By Myra Thomas

Moving from a contract position to a full-time one is pretty common in IT. Contracting is a way for companies to test technical skills and cultural fit before they commit to an employee—especially an expensive one.

“Even if a company has a software engineer work on a project, those projects often have debugging, testing, and modifications to them,” suggested Bob Hadick, President of Russ Hadick & Associates, a recruiting firm. “They can get out in the field, and a customer may want some piece of the software custom. Eventually, the company can turn a contract into a full-time hire, supporting and enhancing the product.”

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