Business Models

Top Notch Finders has 3 business models:

      Contingency contracts. The contingency contracts are more common arrangement where a fee is paid when Top Notch Finders finds an appropriate candidate.

Retainer Contracts. The Retained contract is more utilized for C- Suite, VP, Directors and Upper Management roles. In this model, the client is paying for Top Notch Finders Market mastery, dedicated search process and deliverables. The benefit of paying a retainer is that Top Notch Finders is forced to find the best and more suitable candidates and will not stop until we find the person that is the perfect fit. The companies pay 3 installments:

Engaged Contracts. A hybrid version of these first 2 contracts called Engaged or “retingency” or “container” contracts.- The companies pay a initial installment in advance and the rest of the process is contingent upon a successful placement.